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Thrive Kidz "Up" Day

Thrive Kidz "Up" Day

Sunday, May 20, 2018, 9:45 AM - 12:15 PM

Location: Thrive Church, 29255 FM 1093, Fulshear, TX US 77441

Coordinator: Jon Tolbert

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Will this day affect my child? What is this all about?  We have the answers here!!

Q: What IS Move Up Sunday?

Move Up Sunday is Sunday, May 20th in both services. It is the FIRST day kids MOVE UP to the NEXT room--IF it's time!

Q: Where does MY kiddo go on May 20th?

Here's the Move Up information by age and grade: 

* Nursery, Walker and 2 Year Olds - Move Up based on their age throughout the year and will not change rooms on May 20th. 

* PreK (3's and 4's) - PreK kids heading into Kindergarten NEXT year will move up to Thrive Live! This is in our Auxillary Auditorium, right down the hall from the Prize Wall! 

* Thrive Live (Kinder-5th Grade) - Present Kinder-4th grade kids won't change rooms. They are in the right room for their move up! 

* Present 5th graders - These soon-to-be 6th Graders will move up to One Youth and Base Camp! Base Camp is held during the 1st service in the room right outside Thrive Live.  One Youth is on Wednesday nights from 7-8:30pm in the Main Auditorium.  


Q: What if I'm not sure my child is ready to Move Up? 

No one knows your child quite like you! And, sometimes there are special circumstances that may warrant your child transitioning at a different pace. We understand. Here's our ask: Let's try this for the next 3-4 weeks. Our teachers really believe that your child is ready! The teachers in every room are very competent and will do a great job helping your child Move Up. After 3-4 weeks, we can revisit this transition. We love your kiddo and we will do whatever we can to best serve your child and your family!

More questions?  Email our Next Gen Pastor Jon Tolbert