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About Us

Church For the Rest of Us...

 We started Thrive Church 8 years ago with a goal of being a place for people who don't like church and making is easy for them to find and follow God.  People at Thrive are friendly, but not weird. No one will force you to do anything and there is no pressure to pretend.  Instead, over time, we invite you to connect with God in a real way and grow together with us.  

What is a Service Like?

Our services are:

1) SIMPLE: 60-70 minutes long, so you can get on with your week

2) FUN: Great music, funny videos and honest answers to real questions.  Your kids will experience inflatables, awesome music, creative lessons and even a prize wall.  We want learning about God to be the best hour of your kid's week.

3) REAL:  No perfect people allowed! When you walk through the doors at Thrive, whether you have grown up going to church, have never been or are just kicking the tires of faith, there is a place for you to connect.



When Thrive opened its doors - actually the doors of a rented school cafeteria - we had no idea what to expect. But when hundreds of people showed up, we knew God was working, and at a faster pace than our core team of 35 crazies ever imagined. As we grew, places all over Katy and Fulshear were transformed into a "portable church." We gathered in home, schools, warehouses and office buildings to share how God was transforming lives.

In the last 7 years we have grown our church family into a vibrant and dynamic group of God followers from all walks of life.  Lifelong friendships have been formed, families have been healed, marriages mended and countless adults and youth have been baptized into the Kingdom of God.  We can't wait to see what the future holds for our church and hope you will join us on the journey ahead!


Who We Are - Our Key Values

At Thrive we believe that our values drive our actions, so we think sharing them with you helps you understand what we are really all about.  We recently also completed a sermon series discussing these church values and we encourage you to listen to them here.

Others First

(Serving surprises others and Makes Love Win) 

Crazy Generous

(You Can’t Out-give God) 

Better Together

(You Can’t do Life Alone)

(We is better than Me)

Bringing Our Best

(Excellence Honor’s God and inspires People) 

Anything & Everything…short of sin, to Reach People

(Impact Matter’s to God and Us)